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1 Are senior citizens discriminated against in today’s society?
2 Is the extinction of some plant and animal species inevitable?
3 Should there be more decentralization of government?
4 Is the increasing number of allergy sufferers a cause for concern?
5 Should more be done to help the working poor?
6. Is it possible to make large cities more environmentally friendly?
7. Will society ever be free of gender bias?
8. Should democratic nations cut diplomatic relations with nondemocratic nations?
9. Should drug companies provide medicines cheaply to developing countries?
10. The pros and cons of TV license fees
11. Should the government take more action against companies that pollute the environment?
12. Has the problem of juvenile crime been exaggerated?
13. Should democratic nations do more to improve human rights worldwide?
14. Will science eventually replace religion?
15. Can small businesses survive in today’s global economy?
16. Is the low birthrate in Japan a cause for concern?
17. Is it important to preserve endangered languages around the world?
18. Has the potential of renewable energy been exaggerated?
19. Has employee loyalty to the company become a thing of the past?
20. Will politics ever be free of corruption?

1. Should contemporary politics be taught in schools?
2. Should Japan make more efforts to achieve gender equality?
3. Is military strength the most important element of national security?
4. Is agriculture becoming too industrialized?
5. Agree or disagree: Advertising has a negative influence on society

1. Will the gap between rich and poor people in japan increase in the future?
2. Has human impact on the natural environment been exaggerated?
3. Agree or disagree: Art makes an essential contribution to society
4. Is academic performance the best indicator of future success in life?
5. Can the costs of space exploration be justified?
6. Agree or disagree: The Internet should be free from censorship
7. Should countries have the right to possess chemical and biological weapons?
8. Are moral values on the decline in today’s society?
9. Has urbanization in Japan gone too far?
10. Should the government prioritize domestic issues over international issues?
11. Agree or disagree: The sciences are more important than the arts in today’s society
12. Can violence ever be justified in support of a political cause?
13. Is it acceptable to treat water as a private commodity?
14. Should people be encouraged to buy more domestically produced goods?
15. Is too much pressure put on children to conform to traditional gender role?

1. Is democracy the best form of government?
2. Does fashion play an important role in shaping cultural identity?
3. Can Japan’s rural communities be revitalized?
4. Agree or disagree: Zoos do more harm than good
5. Will religion have a bigger influence on global politics in the future?
6. Agree or disagree: Globalization is good for the world economy
7. Are people in today’s world becoming more socially isolated?
8. Can it be justified for one nation to interfere in the internal affairs of another?
9. Is Japan doing enough to protect its cultural heritage?
10. Should advertising be more strictly regulated?



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