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1. Does advertising have too much influence on our lives?
2. Can animal testing be justified?
3. Can the government be trusted to spend taxpayers’ money wisely?
4. The pros and cons of having only one world superpower
5. Can hard work and determination be a substitute for natural ability in sports?
6. Are printed books and newspapers destined to die out?
7. The pros and cons of ongoing urbanization
8. Does Japan’s health-care system need to be reformed?
9. Is democracy the best system of government?
10. Would transferring more technology to developing nations solve their economic problem?
11. Is pacifism relevant in the 21st century?
12. Should the pay of teachers be linked to their students’ performance?
13. Should the fight against AIDS focus on prevention or cure?
14. Is space exploration a waste of resources?
15. How will future historians look back on modern-day Japan?
16. Does the media intrude too much on the lives of celebrities?
17. Should Japan play a greater role in world affairs?
18. The moral implications of genetic engineering
19. Is the current trend toward a cashless society a good thing?
20. Should more be done to create a sustainable gobal fishing industry?
21. Should companies in financial trouble receive government support?
22. Are women portrayed accurately on TV today?
23. Does religion provide good moral standards for society to follow?
24. Should university education be free for everyone?
25. Can Japan effectively reduce its dependence on oil?
26. Is the Internet destroying family communication?
27. Is there enough emphasis on important issues in politics today?
28. Would students benefit from stronger discipline at schools?
29. Does sumo have a role to play in modern Japanese society?
30. Is ecotourism good for the planet?
31. Does the political system in Japan need to be reformed?
32. Can the factory farming of animals for food be justified?
33. Is it possible to eliminate discrimination against minority groups?
34. Should celebrities use their fame to help those less fortunate?
35. Do video games have a negative impact on people’s behavior?
36. Should religion be kept out of politics?
37. The melting polar ice caps – is it too late to act?
38. Should Japan consider increasing immigration to boost the economy?
39. Can the hunting of animals for sport be justified?
40 Do self-help books really work?
41. Are the police doing enough to combat crime?
42. Does Japan need to increase its level of food self-sufficiency?
43. Will globalization result in a world without borders?
44. Are humans becoming slaves to technology?
45. Is the study of ancient civilizations still relevant today?
46. Can government censorship ever be justified?
47. Are genetically modified crops the solution to world hunger?
48. Should countries spend less money on defense?
49. Is alcohol consumption among teenagers a cause for concern?
50. Do the pros of hosting the Olympics outweigh the cons?
51. Should public services be provided by the government or private corporations?
52. Can the human race live in harmony with the natural world?
53. Do governments every have the right to interfere in other countries’ affairs?
54. Is the issue of child labor in developing countries being taken seriously enough?
55. Do people today rely too much on prescription drugs?
56. Is national security more important than freedom of the press?
57. Should organ donation be made compulsory?
58. Is the school curriculum out of touch with students’ needs?
59. Should more be done to preserve the earth’s biological diversity?
60. Does the United Nations have a major role to play in today’s world?


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