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1. Have people today lost their interest in politics?
2. Is government action the key to dealing with climate change?
3. Is the declining population the biggest problem facing
Japanese society?
4. Are patrols by local citizens an effective way of reducing crime?
5. The pros and cons of zoos and aquariums
6. Do you think celebrities and entertainers can make good politicians?
7. Is the extensive media coverage of environmental problems having any effect?
8. Is building more roads the solution to Japan’s growing traffic problems?
9. Does Japan pay enough attention to domestic issues like the homeless?
10. Do modem societies spend too much money on pets?
11. Can human intelligence be measured accurately?
12. Is Japan a good role model for the development of other nations?
13. The impact of materialism on today’s society
14. Air travel: economic boon or environmental nightmare?
15. Do you think Japan will need more lawyers in the future?
16. The future role of artificial intelligence in the workplace
17. Is it possible to stop the decline of rural communities?
18. Can the high salaries of CEOs at international corporations be justified?
19. Is nuclear power the answer to the world’s energy problems?
20. Is the adoption of a jury system in Japan a good idea?
21. Should Japan’s wealth be distributed more evenly among its citizens?
22. Is it possible to keep politics out of international sporting events?
23. The value of an arts degree vs. a science degree in the real world
24. Should more be done to promote equality for women in Japan?
25. Does fortunetelling have a role to play in today’s society?
26. Can Japanese companies remain competitive in today’s global economy?
27. Do fathers today play a big enough role in their children’s upbringing?
28. Is reducing poverty the best way to tackle crime?
29. Should potentially dangerous sports like boxing be banned?
30. The value of studying philosophy in the modern word
31. The relevance of studying classical Japanese in modern society
32. Does the media exaggerate the threat of global epidemics?
33. Do we rely too much on science to solve the world’s problems?
34. Will the world ever be free from the threat of nuclear war?
35. Should Japan stop using the death penalty?
36. Do people today appreciate the importance of learning about history?
37. Is the medical profession too reliant on technology when treating patients?
38. The pros and cons of using foreign loanwords in Japanese
39. Will a global water shortage be this century’s biggest problem?
40. Is conflict an inevitable result of human nature?
41. Should the government do more to encourage people to lead healthy lifestyles?
42. Does the media in Japan promote Western values?
43. Should people have the right to own firearms for self-defense?
44. Is increasing taxes a good way to improve public services?
45. Does music play a positive role in society today?
46. Should people be prepared to change their lifestyles to help protect the environment?
47. Does the Internet encourage people to express extreme attitudes?
48. Should the government do more to protect people from the threat of terrorism?
49. Is international aid the best way to help poor countries develop?
50. Is Japan likely to become more multicultural in the future?
51. Are developed nations doing enough to solve global environmental problems?
52. The role of patriotism in a modern society
53. Should marijuana be legalized for medical purposes?
54. Do manga and anime have as much value as traditional forms of Japanese culture?
55. Is there too much emphasis on individualism in society today?
56. Have advances in information technology made our lives more complicated?
57. Should young people be required to do volunteer work?
58. Do labor unions have a role to play in the business world today?
59. Is Japan doing enough to protect its cultural heritage?
60. The pros and cons of legalized gambling


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