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1. What role should the United Nations play in international politics?
2. Do the rich have a responsibility to help the poor in society?
3. Is tradition always worth preserving?
4. Should students be asked to evaluate their teachers?
5. “Honesty is the best policy”—-in all situations?
6. Is globalization good or bad for developing countries?
7. Should the retirement age be abolished?
8. Do the media exaggerate the dangers of crime today?
9. Should there be more public funding for arts?
10. “Failure teaches success”—do you agree?
11. Is scientific progress always beneficial?
12. Do businesses have certain obligations to the local community?
13. Is inequity in society inevitable?
14. Can working parents play a sufficient role in raising their children?
15. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”—do you agree?
16. Which has more value in modern society, science or art?
17. Why are certain countries more economically successful than others?
18. Is it possible to eliminate racism?
19. What responsibilities should have to their parents?
20. The pros and cons of conformity
21. Do young people today have too much leisure time?
22. Are consumption taxes a fair way of raising government revenue?
23. Should everyone be guaranteed a job?
24. Have the Olympic become too commercialized?
25. Are humans superior to other life forms?
26. Are people today too reliant on what the “experts” say?
27. Which should schools emphasize more, competition or cooperation?
28. Are advances in telecommunications making it less important to meet people in person?
29. Do the media have too much influence on politics?
30. “Actions speak louder than words”—do you agree?

1. Will the 21st century be the Asian country?
2. Should there be more emphasis on the science in education today?
3. Is the family today as important as it was in the past?
4. Will the trend part-time employment negatively affect Japanese society?
5. Why do you think some people in power abuse their position?
6. Are foreign workers the solution to Japan’s predicted labor shortage?
7. Should democracy be the goal of all nations?
8. Should Internet crime be taken more seriously?
9. Do you think company loyalty is a thing of the past?
10. Is spirituality losing its importance in modern society?
11. Has technology changed education for the better?
12. How will the economic growth of China affect Japan in future?
13. Prevention vs. cure in the battle against crime
14. Do people today pay enough attention to traditional remedies and medicines?
15. “Win some, lose some”—Is this a good attitude to have?
16. Should couples have the right to choose the sex of their children?
17. Do you think outsourcing is good for the Japanese economy?
18. Is too much attention paid to the human rights of criminals?
19. Are modern telecommunications creating a common world culture?
20. Why are science fiction and fantasy so popular today?
21. Should Japan focus more on relations with other Asian nations?
22. Is it possible to report the news objectively?
23. Have modern farming methods become too industrialized?
24. Do competitive sports build character in chidlren?
25. Do arranged marriages have a role to play in society today?
26. Is it possible to create an effective world government?
27. Are people today becoming less interested in the news?
28. Does the Japanese custom of gift-giving have a place in modern 
29. Hi-tech sports equipment vs. natural ability in sports today
30. Do young people today lack direction in their lives?


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