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1. What is the biggest health threat facing mankind today?
2. Will technology ever be able to predict natural disasters accurately?
3. Does the media sensationalize crime?
4. Obstacles to nuclear disarmament
5. What rights should children have?
6. Are genetically modified foods safe?
7. Is space exploration worth the cost?
8. What type of crime most threatens society?
9. Is the clash of world religions inevitable?
10. Is the family becoming obsolete?
11. Healthcare: prevention versus cure
12. Is Japan democratic?
13. Could we eliminate crime by eliminating poverty?
14. The importance of the “classics” in the study of literature
15. How important is self-esteem?
16. What kind of scientific research should receive the most government funding?
17. The pros and cons of capitalism
18. The company versus the family in modern Japan
19. Can world hunger be alleviated?
20. Can creativity be taught?
21. What qualifications and experience should a world leader have?
22. Is technology advancing too quickly?
23. Japan’s role in the global economy
24. Are educational standards in Japan declining?
25. “Better safe than sorry” – do you agree?
26. Which was the greater invention: the printing press or the microchip?
27. The importance of preserving our cultural heritage
28. The future direction of Japanese foreign relations
29. Should specialist knowledge of a subject qualify a person to be a teacher?
30. “Nice guys finish last” – do you agree?

1. Are we doing enough to protect the environment?
2. Would you be willing to pay higher taxes for better government sevices?
3. Should certain books, movies, or music be censored?
4. The pros and cons of self-employment
5. “Love conquers all” – do you agree?
6. Will all of the world’s wilderness areas eventually disappear?
7. What patriotism means to you?
8. Is the Internet harmful to children?
9. Which would you rather work for – a multinational corporation or a local business?
10. “The pen is mightier than the sword” – do you agree?
11. Does political activism make a difference?
12. Do foreign management style work in Japanese companies?
13. Are food-safety standards strict enough?
14. The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports
15. “What goes around, comes around” – do you agree?
16. Is the fossil-fuel era coming to an end?
17. Is there a tendency for people in power to abuse it?
18. The need to improve security in public places
19. Should Third World debt be forgiven?
20. “Ignorance is bliss” – do you agree?
21. Is the gab between the “haves” and “have-nots” increasing?
22. Should companies reward individual employees for outstanding contributions?
23. Can we win the battle against AIDS?
24. Are computer games blurring the line between the real and virtual worlds?
25. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” – do you agree?
26. Do young people today have shorter attention spans?
27. Are labor unions necessary in the modern workplace?
28. Which is a greater threat to mankind, terrorism or world hunger?
29. The moral issues raised by stem-cell reserch
30. “Time is money” – do you agree?


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