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面接トピック (2)

1. The continuing controversy over nuclear power
2. Overmedication: Are people relying too much on medicine?
3. Should all political leaders be chosen directly by the public?
4. Which sport should be considered Japan’s national sport?
5. What tomorrow’s children need to study
6. The ethics of science in the age of genetic engineering
7. The role of the media in shaping public opinion
8. What can be done to improve the Japanese economy?
9. Gambling: Harmless pastime or dangerous addiction?
10. Is modern education moving in the right direction?
11. Ethanasia: The ethical dilemma of mercy-killing
12. Should job promotions be based on performance or on seniority?
13. How safe is public transportations?
14. The problem of illegal drug use
15. Where can today’s children find good role models?
16. The most important task facing medical science
17. Retirement: A beginning or an end?
18. How recent leadership changes have affected Japanese politics
19. Should all countries ban private ownership of guns?
20. The role of family relationships in childhood development

1. Japan’s declining birthrate – a national crisis?
2. Cars-convenience vs. environmental concerns
3. Should capital punishment be abolished?
4. Is the Internet bringing the world’s cultures closer together?
5. What is your philosophy of life?
6. Is medical care too expensive in Japan?
7. Are environmental groups making a difference?
8. Should developed nations do more to help developing nations?
9. Will newspapers become obsolete in the Internet-driven 21st century?
10. World peace – a realistic future possibility?
11. Species extinction – a natural process?
12. Can age restrictions in the workplace be justified?
13. To what extent should public manners be governed by law?
14. The pros and cons of a world currency
15. The caracteristics of modern society that out ancestors would find most surprising
16. Will renewable energy sources ever completely replace fossil fuels?
17. The pros and cons of the double – income family
18. The fovernment’s need to protect information vs. the public’s right to know
19. Can the Japanese economy ever return to its former strength?
20. Do people get wiser as they get older?
21. Do you think there is life elsewhere in the universe?
22. What will Japan be like 10 years from now?
23. Who should provide public services – the government or private-sector corporations?
24. Can terrorism ever be eliminated?
25. Teaching children the difference between right and wrong
26. Are you from of against human cloning?
27. Is ouf pace of life too fast?
28. The increasing unemployment rate in Japan
29. Are war and violence an inseparable part of society?
30. Does university education prepare young people for real life?


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