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1. The effects of TV and movie violence on young viewers
2. Should organ transplants be made more available in Japan?
3. Would a five-day school week be beneficial for students?
4. The public’s lack of interest in politics
5. Which modern inventions have changed our life style the most?
6. Should the legal drinking age be more strictly enforced ?
7. The increasing amount of disruptive behavior in school classrooms
8. Should doctors be permitted to help terminally ill patients die?
9. Would daylight saving time be beneficial for Japan?
10. The definition of success in life
11. How will the decreasing number of students affects education in Japan?
12. The increasing problem of credit card debt
13. Do computer games help or hinder children’s development?
14. Japan’s reputation as a safe country
15. My idea of an effective leader
16. Japan’s changing eating habits — good or bad?
17. Should teachers be evaluated by their students?
18. Telecommuting — the the pros and cons of working from home
19. Japan’s role in UN peace-keeping activities
20. Something I hope mankind will accomplish in the next century

1. Is today’s pop music too commercialized?
2. Has the Japanese work ethic changed?
3. Should there be restrictions on Internet content?
4. The advantages and disadvantages of hosting the Olympics
5. Should school teachers share the responsibility of parenting?
6. Should professional athletes be prohibited from taking part in the Olympics?
7. The government’s role in managing crisis situations
8. The future role of robots in daily life
9. The export of Japanese pop culture to foreign countries
10. Should schools encourage more individuality in students?
11. Business ethics: Product quality vs. the profit motive
12. What things contribute to a person’s quality of life?
13. Urbanization in Japan: Is there a crisis?
14. Causes and effects of juvenile delinquency
15. The Information Revolution and its effects on society
16. Suggestions for improving hospital care
17. When should a person be considered mature?
18. Would more severe punishment prevent crime?
19. Do Japanese people need to become more internationally minded?
20. How the aging population will affect society


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