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締めくくりとして、英文添削サイトfruitful englishで添削を受けたエッセイを参考までに掲載します。若干のマイナーミスはありましたが、評価はLevel 5 (Perfect)でした。テーマは性差別の是正についてで、指摘箇所を修正済みのものです。

I will discuss how the UN can help the world achieve gender equality.

First, the UN promotes diffusion of education among women. Without knowledge, experience, expertise given by education, it’s difficult to enjoy an equal treatment in society, often becoming exploited and victimized. However, the fact remains that many women in the world are prevented from having access to education due to cultural barriers, traditions and discrimination. Noting the serious situation hindering gender equality, the UN has stepped up the effort to facilitate education for women through the UNESCO, a specialized organization to the Economic and Social Council, and the relevant NGOs.

Second, the UN leads the world to gender equality, condemning the inequality or unfairness in gender. Where conflicts occur, women too often become the victim of rape, abduction and hostage-taking that disrespect the women’s status. Responding to these atrocities that jeopardize gender equality, the UN has expressly criticized them in various forms including recommendations or joint-communique, which clearly shows what is right and wrong to achieve the fairness in the world.

I conclude that the UN helps the wold gender equality with diffusion of education for women and condemnation on the inequality.


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